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"Thanks so much for your fantastic work. This is an invaluable resource..." Jan, pet owner, London

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In 2013 just 10% of veterinary practices in the UK were run by large corporations. Today it's 60%.

Using an independent practice / charity, rather than a large corporate group, will keep money in the business and the local economy and not go to big corporate shareholders.

On this website independent veterinary practices are searchable on a map or in a table.

Use the map to zoom in on a particular area or use the table search facility to find practices by name, postal town or postcode.

To see which groups are excluded go to The Fat Cats.

*We recognise that all practices need to make a profit but ripping off the customer is a step too far. Independent practices are more lifelong career businesses than opportunities for financial investment. With large corporates the reverse is the case.

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Map of independent veterinary practices
Table of independent veterinary practices

The recent review by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) highlights multiple concerns in the market, including:

  • Consumers may not be given enough information to enable them to choose the best veterinary practice or the right treatment for their needs.

  • Concentrated local markets, in part driven by sector consolidation, may be leading to weak competition in some areas.

  • Large corporate groups may have incentives to act in ways which reduce choice and weaken competition.

  • Pet owners might be overpaying for medicines or prescriptions.

  • The regulatory framework is outdated and may no longer be fit for purpose.

Choose an independent veterinary practice that puts pets before plethoric profits*.

Independent veterinary sugeons
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